Ken Venturi died May 17, 2013.

San Francisco favorite son Ken Venturi, 1964 U.S. Open champion, CBS TV golf analyst, recent World Golf Hall of Fame inductee, and Honorary Chairman of SF Public Golf Alliance, died Friday, May 17.   

Ken was a beloved great champion who never forgot his roots in San Francisco public golf and inspired us with his encouragement: 
'I write this letter to urge my friends and fellow San Francisco Bay Area golfer to preserve Dr. MacKenzie's legacy, and defend San Francisco's golf heritage and public courses. Defend them with your time, your money, and your passion. Do not let anybody destroy Sharp or Lincoln.'  - Ken Venturi
We'll miss you Ken: 

Ken Venturi Letter to SFPGA - Oct. 12, 2009
New York Times obituary, May 18, 2013
Golf Digest interview with Ken Venturi, December, 2004

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