Sharp Park Sneak Attack Tabled Indefinitely

Good News!

On Monday, Dec.  3, the Land Use Committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors 'Tabled ' indefinitely a draft Resolution sponsored by Supervisor Christina Olague, that would have aborted the nearly-four-year-old Environmental Review process for a Rec & Park Sharp Park Plan to recover frog and snake habitat, while saving the 80-year-old Alister MacKenzie-designed 18-hole golf course.  Supervisor Olague herself, with an assist from Supervisor Scott Wiener, moved to 'Table' the Resolution; the motion was adopted by the Committee without objection.  A video of the Land Use Committee's Dec. 3 proceedings (Sharp Park occupies the opening 4 minutes) can be found at: 

The Olague Resolution was supported by anti-golf groups, including the Tucson-based Center for Biological Diversity, Wild Equity Institute, and by the Sierra Club's San Francisco Bay Chapter.  San Francisco Public Golf Alliance led the opposition.    

Special thanks to:  the several dozen Alliance members who wrote e-mails and letters to the Supervisors, opposing the Olague Resolution; and to the additional handful who  personally attended and monitored the Land Use Committee meetings on Nov.  19 and Dec.  3.   

Under Board of Supervisors' procedural rules, the 'tabling' of draft legislation does not kill the bill; rather, it means the bill will go into a kind of legislative limbo; the legislation can be revived by any one Supervisor,  calling at a meeting of the Full Board for the Land Use Committee to conduct a public hearing on  the matter, on no less than 6 days' notice. 

Semper Vigilans.

Save Sharp Park!

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