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Photo: Holiday Fundraising Appeal: Thanks, Giving, Muni Golf, and Sharp Park in Interesting Times

Holiday Fundraising Appeal: Thanks, Giving, Muni Golf, and Sharp Park in Interesting Times

Nov 22, 2020by - San Francisco Public Golf Alliance

First we give Thanks. For golf – a port in the storm of 2020 – inherently socially-distanced recreation in nature.  In a time when we can’t safely go to restaurants, bars, movies, church, or gather with family for a holiday feast, we can safely play golf. With our friends – at a distance, of course. And the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance thanks you – our members – for your financial and moral support and activism over our 10-year fight for public golf in San Francisco and to preserve Alister MacKenzie’s public golf shrine at Sharp Park.

Which brings us to Giving. Our main annual fundraiser, the Alister MacKenzie Tournament to Save Sharp Park, was canceled this year due to the Coronavirus.  Because our fights for public golf and to preserve Sharp Park require money, we are announcing our first-ever year-end fundraising campaign. Our Board and a few generous supporters have agreed to match the first $20 thousand in donations.  Please step up again for the Cause, and Donate.

This is important work.  Sharp Park is at the very top of the national golf press lists* of munis most worth saving. The Pandemic is putting great strain on local government funding.  Because of its inherent social distancing, golf is a rare public resource for safe socializing and healthy outdoor recreation.  We are helping to fill the gap.

Sharp Park Hole Signs
Hole Naming Project

In 2019, the non-profit, 501.c.3, all volunteer, unpaid, San Francisco Public Golf Alliance instituted a hole-name and sign project at Sharp. We donated new attractive trash cans, and worked with Rec and Park maintenance on tree-trimming to open key historic vistas.

Cleared view from the practice green

Using a 1931 construction map, architects Tom Doak and Jay Blasi advised the Rec & Park maintenance crew in restoring the size and shape of MacKenzie’s original 10th and 18th greens.  

Doak on Sharp Park Greens
Tom Doak and Jay Blasi, reviewing original 1931 construction blueprint of 10th &18th greens to restore Opening Day contours 

For 2020 we have designed a historic photographic display for the Clubhouse entryway walls – to be installed next year when the Clubhouse reopens (stay tuned!). We also spearheaded a successful 6-week Fall campaign to limit ground squirrel damage at the 12th, 13th, 16th, and 17th holes. 

17th Tee and 16th green and fairway newly cleared of ground squirrels and their damage

We have retained a leading hydrology consultant to develop a drainage plan. 

Sea wall maintenance and beach access stairways and storyboard, work completed Fall, 2020

And our good friends at Hart-Howerton donated their world-class design services on the soon-to-open Sharp Park sea wall Coastal Trail improvement and beach access project.  

Storyboard on seawall coastal trail

There is much more of this work to do in 2021 and coming years.  And we invite your tax-deductible support by online Donation, or by check payable to SF Public Golf Alliance, addressed to:

Very Best Holiday Wishes.  
San Francisco Public Golf Alliance
1370 Masonic Ave.
San Francisco, CA. 94117

*The National Golf Press Continues to clamor for Sharp Park restoration: